Nuqman has turned 3 last week. Naufal is turning 5 in April — primary school! Eeep! Nayl pulak; will forever be our littly cutey tiny baby (how Naufal would describe hehe), turning 2 in August.

Feeling grateful for everything that we have. It’s a kind of significant living that one always look for, feeling content, happy and less worries. We look forward to everyday, and not just weekends.

Nothing is permanent, that’s for sure.

So, take chances. Try something new. Seek forgiveness. Live the moment. There are so many aspects of life to enjoy.

Is dangerous?

MasyaaAllah, barely got time to update this blog T_T. Here’s a quick one before we start being pelupa and all.

…. is dangerous.

So this is their latest isms. (well, one of) Whenever someone upsets them of teases them, they will come to either mmy or papa and say;

Mummy / Papa, Nuqman / Nayl / Naufal is dangerous. XD

Cracks us up every time. Sometimes kami pun kena label ‘dangerous’… because we told them to; play in their room & I can’t remember the other one….oh, my old brain.




So… Naufal is now 4yo, while Nuqman is 2.5yo and Nayl is going to be 1yo very soon…

Like seriously yáll?

Let us just update on their isms while the littlest one is napping because you know, it’s either you join them napping or you do something more valuable like sweeping the floor, do the dishes, or keep the closets tidy…or maybe just update the blog 😉



+ school is completely awesome. very much like what mmy had experience back in her old workplace — sekolah majmuk. can’t really say much abt what’s so awesome about sekolah majmuk bcs some ppl can get sensitive abt it but you’ll get the idea if you have been into one or maybe just figure out why sending a kid in sekolah majmuk in Malaysia is super expensive? He’s in good hands, insyaaAllah 🙂

+ he has such a good heart…when they’re having their fav snacks let say..choc chip cookies, we would usually ask “who would like to share with mmy and papa”and he would be the only one offering us a cookie while Nuqman….haih. Hashtag nuqmanisms hashtag kedekut 😛

+ he can be sensitive and rising our voice can make him flops on the floor. he’s a little bit scared of anything scary-looking including clowns— that’s mmy’s dna right there.



+ troubletwo is no rumours with this one. meltdowns and all, you gotta love him.

+ wants to wear bathrobe when we are out and about, in winter!

+ pushes abam Naufal whenever he feels like winning an argument.

+ steals adik Nayl’s spoon, cookie, and sometimes socks.

+ say sorry mmy/papa on repeat when he did something wrong WITH a grin on his face 😀

+ easily forgets that he is in merajuk mode and just switches to normal mode within 2minutes of crying

+ gives us a good laugh with his personality ohhh how we love him so



+ a screamer. screams when turning in bed, screams in between feeding, screams bcs he can’t find mmy

+ steals food from his abams which we are not surprised bcs he learned from the best lah kan

+ eats everything off his plate and other ppl’s plates

+ simply just a lovely cheeky baby and forever mmy’s bff




Done with their isms! next up, coffeeeeee [insert coffee emoji]

Immigration – what you need to know (New Zealand)

After a holiday in New Zealand, many decided they would like to live there permanently… us included. With beautiful scenery, a relaxed pace of life, and a safe environment for raising a family, Aotearoa seems like a dream location to call home.

As we had the opportunities lay before us; savings, employment opportunities, skills set, EOI points, loans (commitments) cleared — we decided to make the big move and start a new life here with our little family. If all’s fail, we could still come back and start a new life in our beloved home country and start new hutangs….(yeay)

So these are what we have worked on and what would you need to know if you happen to have thoughts on this as well.. because you will never know what is in front of you, yes?


Don’t despair, New Zealand does accept migrants from other nations – in the last year alone over 90,000 people moved here. There are 4 main types of visas that allow people from overseas to live and work in NZ.

1. Student Visa – allows you work for a maximum of 20 hours alongside studying
2. Working Holiday Visas – for 18-30 year olds, for travel and work for up to 12 months, or 23 months for the UK
3. Work Visas – a great option if you work in area where there are skill shortages in NZ or you have a job offer from an accredited employer.
4. Resident Visas (ours!) – stay indefinitely, and progress towards full NZ citizenship. You will need to meet criteria including age (55 or under). Most Resident Visas are granted to those with specific qualifications and/or work experience.

You can check your eligibility and work options : www.newzealandnow.govt.nz

To be continued…

Newest Naufalisms 

/ can’t live without Nuqman or Nayl. Pergi mana-mana mesti cari adik 🙂

/ everything must be in place. Barang terjatuh dari stroller? Kena kutip pantasss. Kasut Nuqman terkalih, pantasss betulkan. Jangan lengah, jangan biarkan.

/ pottoilet = potty + toilet

/ worried about everyone. Yesterday, Nuqman hurt his arm, somehow macam tergeliat. While waiting for Papa and Nuqman at the Emergency Dept, mmy and Naufal had a conversation sounded like this;

Where is Papa? Where is Nuqman?

Nuqman is not well, he hurt his arm. He needs to see the doctor for a check up

A check up? (Started thinking..probably the Bubble Guppies – Clambulance episode is running on his mind)

Yes Naufal, a check up. To make sure that he is alright. Poor Nuqman..

Poor Nuqman..

Let’s pray for Nuqman shall we? *raisehands* Ya Allah, please sembuhkan Nuqman’s arm and may he get well soon.

Ya Allah, please Nuqman get well soon.

Thank you sayang..

Anak Nombor Tiga. Third. Tres. 

 Very much like Naufal but very much like Nuqman too. #cantdecide 🤔

First Naylisms!

/ Loves his abams too much; willing to be bullied as long as he is ‘in’.

/ A little explorer. Explores every single part of the house, eagerly wanting to explore the bathroom. Trying to crawl out of the main door a couple of times too.

/ Tiny but garang. Lagak budak besar. Sometimes we wonder if he really is a 7monthsold.. 

/ Babbles and babbles. 

Army-crawling, memanjat, eating like a champ, kepochi; ALL CHECKED